Preserved Fruits

Preserved Rose Plum

Hock Brand Preserved Rose Plum, Sour and Sweet at the same time, this tasty plum is one of our classic plum product, made from high quality plums, with an alluring rose colour. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Train Brand Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, A wonderful everyday snack for anything and anytime. Crunchy and delicious pumpkin seeds for a healthy munch. Full of natural minerals and goodness.

Hock Brand Jade Peach

Hock Brand Jade Peach is made from fresh peach, added with liquorice and other fruit essences to make a crunchy, delicious and nice looking fruit snack. Can also be used as a topping for cakes and pies. Great snack with natural fibres of fruit, delicious always.

Citron Peel Plum

Train Brand Citron Peel Plum. One of our classic products. Fresh Plums, Citrus juices, Citrus Peels, mixed together to create a fruity, sweet and sour plum with the fragrance and taste of wonderful orange. An additive plum product! Try it to believe.

Haw Slices

Train Brand Haw slice. A classic snack since the 70's. Train brand has a wide variety of Haw snacks such as Haw slice,Haw cubes and Haw balls.

Most importantly, made without any preservatives with the highest quality fresh haw!