Agency Brands

Geeef Brand

The well known brand for Popping Candy or Popping Rock Candy. With a long history since 1979, their well known series of confectionery under Magic Dust and Magic Pop has been sold proudly by SHHKM and Itwa in Malaysia since the 1990s.


Founded in 1988, Pei Tian Food Co., Ltd is a leader in Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets for healthy snacks made from wholesome grains and beans and nuts. Their products include the Energy99 and Konjac series of grain bars, in various flavors and fillings. All their products certified to ISO22000, HACCP and Halal.

Own Brands

Sanwa Brand

Sanwa brand produces famous food delicacy and tasty snack for people of all ages to enjoy.

Such as the Sanwa Nutrition Oat Choco, a classic snack that people of all age like and enjoy.

Sanwa is constanly improving and coming out with snack that people love and like.

We pride ourself in bring you the best of the best.

Hock Brand

Hock Brand is the distributor of quality preserved fruits. With great passion, Hock Brand strives to only bring the best of the best to the consumers.

Train Brand

Train brand is a Singapore based company that manufactures delicious asian snacks and biscuits.

Our R&D always keep up with the times and is always innovating to producing tasty snacks and biscuits for you.           

Cindy Brand

Cindy Brand is used since 1980s for our wide range of candies, jellies, and other confectionery. With our careful selection of ingredients and innovative recipes, we create products of high quality and great tastes for all markets, from Southeast Asia to Middle East to South America.